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About RDC

Raleigh Door Center (RDC) is a supplier of wrought iron entries, steel doors and windows, and custom wood entries of the highest quality. We feature hand made products in both iron and finished woods. Jim Murray is the owner of RDC with over 25 years experience in door and door hardware.

At Raleigh Door Center, we ease the process of ordering, installing and servicing the doors we sell to insure our customers are satisfied and happy! We would love to design a door and hardware just for you.

We now have a extensive line of iron and steel entry doors, and steel windows. We have added unique wooden entry doors, interior doors and storm doors. These doors have a custom stain so as to have a quality finish for added luster and longevity.

Before and…

We strive to design and build doors that both compliment the architectural style of your home and best meets your needs.

After (closed view)

Installed wood doors are completely painted/stained with hardware included. All iron/steel doors are complete with lock, handle and glass.

After (clear view)

In summary…

  • Iron Entry doors installed or not installed
  • Custom wood entries installed or not installed
  • Exterior entry slab doors (door only to fit your jamb)
  • Custom wood storm doors
  • Custom security doors
  • Custom steel entry doors and windows

In Addition…

We sell Baldwin and Emtek… having displays of each to help you decide the best fit for your home.

All of these products and more are on display in our showroom.


Planning & Design

When planning and designing a new door, it is important to consider the style, material, size, and function of the door to ensure it complements the overall aesthetic and meets the practical needs of the space. Factors such as security, energy efficiency, and accessibility should also be taken into account during the planning and design process to create a door that is both visually appealing and functional.



To begin construction of a new door, you will first need to measure the space where the door will be installed to ensure proper dimensions. Next, you will need to purchase the necessary materials such as wood or metal for the door frame, hinges, doorknob, and any additional hardware. It’s important to follow all safety protocols and building codes during the construction process.


Project Delivery

Installing a new door typically involves measuring the opening, selecting a door that fits, removing the old door, and then positioning and attaching the new door. This process may also involve installing new hardware, such as hinges and a doorknob, as well as sealing the door to prevent drafts. It is important to ensure the door is properly aligned and functions correctly for safety and security reasons.